About Portside Preschool & Long Day Care Centre, Port Macquarie

Portside Preschool & Long Day Care Centre, Port Macquarie, is boutique service owned and operated by local family with 20 years Early Childhood experience. Approved Provider Number: PR - 00004959. NSW Department of Education registered for 29 places. SE 00008757.

Child Care fee Subsidy is provided to families through registration with the Australian Government Department of Human Services. This is family income dependent. This is available as the Child Care Subsidy. Our Centre provider number = 406987066 V

Fees are payable for enrolled or reserved days. No GST applies. Payment may be cash or direct deposit into the Centre account. Please ask for banking details.

Daily fees to 30/6/22
$16.75^ - $55.78^ + 5% CCS Govt. withholding. ^gap fee is assessed by CentreLink/Human Services and is dependent on family income.

To receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS) families need to register with MyGov and enter into a Complying Written Agreement (CWA), otherwise full fee of $111.55 will apply.

Enrolment & CCS funding assistance is linked to verification of a child’s immunisation.

Quality of standards are ensured through the participation in the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education & Care Services. Our service is rated as Meeting all the National Standards in the 7 Quality Areas.


At Portside Preschool & Long Day Care Centre:


“Your child’s education & care are our priority”


To work in partnership with families and the wider community to assist children in developing their fullest potential


Our aim is to provide a welcoming, nurturing, caring, sustainable environment that promotes and encourages a love of learning and a sense of belonging. We facilitate a diverse and equitable child focussed curriculum & learning environment. We encourage, support and involve each family in the care & education of the children. By continually reflecting and evaluating our practices, we aim to enhance respectful, reciprocal relationships between children, families, educators and management. As Early Childhood Educators we strive to always do our best in the quest for the highest quality of standards.


Our CENTRE GOALS are embedded in our everyday practices and are aligned with the National Quality Framework, Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) Pedagogy, Principles and Practices and key Learning Outcomes. They are also based on the Theories of early childhood development and education.

  1. We aim to provide opportunities for all the children to participate and learn through play. This forms the foundation of the children’s learning program, which in turn meets their individual needs, fulfills their interests and builds on their abilities.
  2. We aim to help children feel valued and respected, which in turn builds a positive self esteem
  3. We encourage children to engage in their learning and express themselves creatively.
  4. We aim to extend children's language skills through a variety of experiences, so that children can communicate their ideas, suggestions and feelings.
  5. We aim to help each child to develop to their fullest potential in a holistic sense - socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.
  6. We aim to prepare children for school by developing life skills ie. social skills, relationships, a sense of fairness, self expression skills, self help skills and independence, pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, hence providing a broad foundation for further learning.
  7. We aim to give an appreciation of the world as children see it, reflect on the cultural mix and diversity of our local community and enrolled families as well as an understanding of global diversity
  8. We nurture respectful, reciprocal relationships with children, families, service providers, within our Educator team and our community.
  9. Our Educators are encouraged to discuss and document their critical and ethical reflections about their practices and the service processes with a commitment to continuous service improvement.

Contact Portside

Phone 02 6584 2422

67B Owen St, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed