Enrolling your child

What happens upon enrolment?

Centre Enrolment Form details are completed. Please contact the Centre.

New Family Needs assessment questionnaire completed

Parents register with Australian Government Department of Human Services for Child Care fee Subsidy.

Orientation sessions & tour for children & parents

New families receive a comprehensive Orientation booklet. Health promotion information is available in the Family Library. Information is also sent electronically. Please let us know if you require information in other languages. We are happy to make arrangements for an interpreter as part of the orientation.

Welcome to our Portside early learning community where...

“Your child’s education & care are our priority”


Our aim is to supply quality childcare that is as supportive as your child would receive at home, and we therefore wish to make the transition for both of you as easy as possible.

We like to tailor the orientation and the settling in process to each families needs.  For example we are happy for families to have as many pre-enrolment visits and ‘come to play’ as needed. Our Nominated Supervisor/Educational leader will guide you and your child through a comprehensive orientation process before enrolling.  On your first day an Educator will attend to your needs too.  There are many ways in which you may help the settling in process. 

If possible, try to find time to spend with your child at the centre.  We suggest that you and your child visit the centre for a play and meet the Educators on as many occasions as is practicable for you. As a child, having a parent close by makes you feel quite brave and it allows you to take small steps away from home, rather than a giant one.

Spending time with your child at the centre also gives you, the family, time to build up trust, to have an understanding of your child’s day and the people he/she will be encountering.  Some children, however, will be upset no matter how long you stay.  If this happens, an Educator will assist in engaging your child.  The strategy will depend on your child and will be decided by you in partnership with Educators.

Feel free to telephone the centre or call in at any time and we trust that these few ideas may help you and your child have a smooth transition into the centre.  Please be assured that we will ring you if your child is very upset or distressed after separation.  Let our educators know how you are feeling too.

Our educators are skilled in assisting making the separation easier for both your child and you.  All children in their own time, once familiar with Educators and routines, become excited and happy to attend.

We look forward to sharing many happy experiences with you and your child.  With time we hope, in partnership, we can support each other and can have a positive input into your child’s early years. 

Our policy is one of open door - always. Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or have any concerns about the Centre operations, our door is always open. Please feel free to discuss with our Nominated Supervisor or Approved Provider at any time.


Contact Portside

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Opening Times

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