The SunSmart Early Childhood Program

Portside Preschool are proud be be part of the SunSmart Early Childhood Program which aims to protect children and staff from skin cancer. The program supports early childhood and family day care services across NSW to develop and implement a best-practice sun protection policy.

SunSmart is a program that supports early childhood services to develop and implement a sun protection policy that minimises student and staff over-exposure to UV radiation, and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Having a SunSmart policy ensures childcare centres are addressing the three key areas of sun protection:

  • 1. Environment
    • Scheduling outdoor activities outside of peak UV times
    • Utilising shaded areas
  • 2. Behaviour
    • Wearing sun-safe hats
    • Wearing sun-safe clothing
    • Using at least SPF30+ broad spectrum water resistant sunscreen
    • Wearing sunglasses
    • Role modelling by childcare workers and staff
  • 3. Information
    • Teaching about sun protection
    • Providing SunSmart information to the early childhood community
    • Reviewing the sun protection policy every three years

Picture credit: Sunsmart